Assignment #5 and Second Program


    /// Name: Brendan Baird
    /// Period: 6
    /// Program Name: Second Program
    /// File Name:
    /// Date Finished: 9/8/2015
    public class GoodSecondProgram{

      public static void main( String[] args){
          //System.out.println("Hello World!");
          //System.out.println("Hello Again");
          //System.out.println("I like typing this.");
          //System.out.println("This is fun.");
          //System.out.println("Yay! Printing.");
          //System.out.println("I'd much rather you 'not'.");
          // System.out.println("I \"said\" do not touch this.");
          System.out.println("Another line of output");

Picture of the output

Assignment 5